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Jan 11, 2018

Welcoming 2018

Scrolling down pinterest and I found this. Sounds like cliche but totally agree. This is note to myself.  "going through things you never thought ... take you places, you never thought you`d get to". I talked to myself to stay positive. There`s so many things happened in 2017, good and the bad things. I have so many lack and I need to arrange my mind again, focus on what I`d love to. 

Welcoming 2018? Try my best to understand myself more and accept everything that comes to me, good or bad. Maybe from the bad things I`ll learn a new perspective, right?

I met someone on last Sunday, she said "good things take time, believe in yourself. They can talk about anything but don't let them affect you. Stay strong, believe in Allah SWT and yourself".

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