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Nov 16, 2016

Putri Island, Get Lost With Me in Nongsa Batam

Aaahhhhh Putri Island! That was a short trip totally. I feel sooo relaxed in Nongsa Batam. I never thought I can find this beautiful place. I was in batam because of work. I have a job to be completed there. Actually, I don't really expect it to be a short trip. Because of something has change, I able to get lost and after searching on google (what can I do without uncle google) I found this Nongsa, Yeay!

Are you ready to get lost with me? Lets see what I`ve done in Nongsa :)

Oh, when local people told me the name of island opposite Nongsa, I get laugh. Yes! I never thought it would be an island same with my name (Putri Island), hahaha that was a good day. You can reach Nongsa from Hang Nadim Airport by car or taxi. I go by taxi actually, it cost me 95k (one way). 

How I reach Putri Island? by swim? Nonono. Of course I go by a small boat, cost me 20k/person (return). I love the atmosphere of Nongsa, very calm and relaxing. The local people very helpful. They`re enthusiast to tell me everything about Nongsa and Putri Island. Luckily I go on weekday not weekend, because this place will be full of people.

What do you think? Is a good place to clear your mind right? Aaaahhhhhh, I think I`ll be return to this place someday. Maybe next time really a holiday not a short trip. See you next time adventure!

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