Diana Rikasari, Hot Chocolate and Mint

Diana Rikasari, a woman behind wonderful blog called hot chocolate and mint. I totally admire her. If you follow her blog, you will know how much she change to a better person, much better. Beside that, she changes me too (thankyou). 

Honestly, I`m not always walked into her blog everyday but when I jumped in, I can spent hours. I loves how she writes on that blog. The video, quotes, what she learned, and of course her fashion daily. 

She totally inspired me to chase my dream. I have to met her back then on Clozette blogger babes event and I love it. Thankyou kak di! 

I made her sketch, what do you think fashion people?

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  1. aaak sama putriii!!! Diana Rikasari is my idol and my inspiration too! Tiap liat foto yang barengan diana selalu inget putri *tsah* :p

  2. btw headernya gemay amat sik. suka!