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Aug 23, 2016

#88LoveLife Vol 02, A Thank You Letter to Diana & Dinda

Dear Ka Diana & Ka Dinda,

I read #88LoveLifeVol 02 and my old memories back. When I am happy cause I know that someone loved me, angry cause I know my friends stabbed me from my back, even sad because someone just broke my heart. That’s all young girls’ memories right? But I have worst, never-forget-experienced.

It happened in 2015. I thought it will be the best year I ever had but it doesn`t. Seriously, never crossed in my mind, someone as known as my old friend became like this bad to my social life. He drag me and some of my friend into his game, a bad game that I didn’t knew what exactly was going on until he`s missing and we found the truth, me and my friend. He tricked us.

Finally I heard we got bad reputation (ugh), it’s like a nightmare. I hate myself totally! Why he`s so easy to manipulate us? Luckily, I have a close friend and family who knew the truth. They help me through all year to clean my name, get my reputation back.

Do you know ka Diana? I smiled when I read #31
“Don’t dwell in the past, but never ignore it either. Your past acts as a reminder of how you should move forward in a better direction”

This year, I`m fight back! I want my happy life, keep moving forward. Alhamdulillah, the storm has gone and I`ll do anything that makes me happy, catch my dream. 

Ohya, I forgot to mention! I want to be successful fashion blogger who inspire other people around the world like you two kak. I love when ka diana tell the story through her book, blog and girl-just-wanna-have-fun style. I love when ka dinda tell the story through her stylish and lovely illustration (I love all your sketches in #88lovelife Vol 02 especially #31). I want to share my passion. I believed, I`ll become what I really think.

Quote #15 totally makes my positive energy back.
“I would rather have everyone against me, but I know I am doing the right thing; than having everyone with me, but I know it doesn’t feel right”

I know what the best thing that makes me happy. I thought they against me because they didn`t see what I see right?

I am very grateful. Thankyou for letting me to know you two, your thoughts, your arts in #88lovelife Vol 02 and your blog ka diana ka dinda. I am sooo grateful to get a lot of positive energy from you two.

This is my favorite words after I read #88lovelife Vol 02 :

Accept The Changes, Plan Ahead, Love Myself More, Don`t Dwell, Practice & Commit, Stand Up For Yourself.

Thankyou Kak Diana & Kak Dinda.



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  2. hi there!

    i agree with you, stand up for what you believe in,and always seek for improvement, inspire other and help them in every way you possibly could do! all the best for you, nice post :)

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