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Jul 11, 2016


Alhamdulillah for letting me celebrate Eid Mubarak with my lovely family this year. Thankyou Allah. Ohya, I want to share a self note to all of you. May I? 

Everyone have a second chance, right? Through 1436 and early 1437 Hijriah, I have learned sooo much about family and friendship. Who walks out and who stay with you no matter how. You know, people easily to judge by front door. Very rarely, who wants to walk in and see the truth. Thanks to Allah, I`ve learned to be strong and live without worry what people think (proud to be my self).

In Ramadan this year, they (family) really help me to cheer up my day especially my little youngest sister-kila. And now, Eid-ul-Fitr has come. I know as a human I always make mistakes. But, making mistake makes me to learn more. Beside that, I feel more human cause I know what I want to be and how to achieve my dream.

I forgot, If you feel uncomfortable or sad because of what I`m doing, I`m sorry, really.

Once again, Thank you Allah and Happy Eid Mubarak 1437 Hijriah people.

Putri Maharani

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