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Jun 15, 2016

My Simply Hijab Tutorial

What we need :
Inner / Inner Ninja
Paris Veil (Kerudung paris)
Pin (Jarum Pentul)

How to wrap it :
1. Wrap your head with inner and paris veil. The veil must be rectangle and longer on the other side. 
2. Take your short side of paris to other side much longer and pin it.
3. and then take your longer side to back of your head. 
4. Don`t forget to give some area on your neck before you pin it on your back. 
5. This is what you get and ready to the next step.
6. Take your side of paris (look at the picture) to back of your shoulder
7. Pin and arrange it to be looks good and neat like you want.
8. Thats the picture of your back.
9. Taraaa! its done!

(FYI, this tutorial was from my old blog

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