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Jun 17, 2016

Clashing Pattern #OOTD

I get obsessed with something hindi or india. As you can see in this #ootd, I wear (you finally saw it) in my nose, yes that`s nose ring. Before you freaking out because someone with hijab do piercing, I will explain that ring doesn`t real or you can called fake nose ring. But if you a moslem like I do, I didn`t push you to like what I do. I didn`t bothered anyone, I think so. Before you make some statement or judging, please read this article Nose Rings - Not Just a Fashion Statement in India

Beside that, I always love to combine more than two pattern in my outfit. Normally I get two pattern like this one. What do you think of it? Do you like clashing pattern like I do? or maybe you like wear some rings (nose or lip)?


  1. Halo, Putri! Salam kenal! :)
    Aku berkunjung dari grup blogger Facebook nih dan suka sama gaya kamu. Kecintaan kamu sama India indah banget, terusin ya ngeblognya!
    Suka banget sama kain tenunnya itu, bagus dipadukan sama baju garis2nya :)

    Alive as Always